North Star boutique hotel

Located at the Aurora Borealis Observatory 
100% success rate - On all 4 days+ visits

Stunning Apartments With a Panoramic View of the Aurora Dance

Located at the Aurora Borealis Observatory, this is one of few places in the world where you can enjoy the aurora directly from the apartments.
The North Star Boutique Hotel is made with 100% focus of enjoying the northern lights in total relaxation. Connect with nature and simply enjoy this amazing phenomena while sitting inside the apartment, glass panoramic waiting area or from the outdoor jacuzzi 

Panoramic View
The apartment have a big glass front directed towards the amazing view. Enjoy the spectacular aurora in total relaxation
1 Bedroom
The Bedroom in the apartment have a queen size bed, but can be organized to 2 single beds. There is also a sleeping couch in the living room
Luxury bathroom equipped with hairdryer in all apartments
Fully equipped kitchen
All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen and also Nespresso coffee machine and microwave 
Children for free / Family Option
Traveling as a family ? Sleeping coach in living room for children. (we have a max of 3 people per apartment but if you travel with kids we allow 4 as total)  
Fiber cable (500/500) superfast internet in all apartments
Access to Glass Panoramic Building / Outdoor Jacuzzi
1 minute away from the apartment building you find the big glass panoramic building. And our big outdoor jacuzzi is also one minute away (included in apartment price)
Perfect for 2
The apartments are not big but we have focused on amazing view and great standard for the best possible experience
International menu
Order from all restaurants in the city and get food delivered directly to the apartments (delivery cost included in apartment price)
Shuttle service 
Every day our own shuttle cars take you to the city for shopping etc (included in apartment price)
USD 485 per night
We charge 4000 NOK, usd price is a estimate, currency exchange update 2/8-18

Season - Best time to visit - 100% success rate

Enjoy photo testimonials from last season. If you would like to read written testimonials, visit our Facebook page. There are more than 4500 testimonials, with an average of 4.9 out of 5 possible points. We are very pleased that our guests have had a good stay
At the Aurora Borealis Observatory we see the aurora from August 19 to april 15 (approx)
Best Months
All months from september to end of march can be equally good. it is impossible to predict which months will be better
100 % Success rate
Our guests who have stayed 4+ days did see the aurora

Peace of mind, great experiences and diversity

When you're with us, we want you to feel calm, have access to great experiences and the opportunity to explore the diversity found in the area. 

Our relaxing area / waiting area contains multiple buildings where we have no or very low light pollution. The glass panoramas are also wheelchair friendly / family friendly.

We have made it possible for you to plan dining, day excursions and other day activities in the best possible way. 

Dining / Menu
The city has restaurants that deliver everything from vegetarian food to local dishes. We have our own delivery service. This meaning you can order food from all restaurants in the city, eat in our restaurant or have the food delivered to your room.
We make your own ski slopes and all the equipment you need is included in the price. In addition, we have reindeer so you get close to these amazing animals. The area is suitable for walking, cycling, snowshoeing, hiking, and more.
Our island, Senja, is called Norway in miniature. This means there is great diversity. You can therefore choose activities and more every day without seeing everything. Therefore, you decide to do things while you are here to suit all your needs and wishes.

We are located on Senja Island - Norway

Far above the arctic circle lies Norway´s undiscovered gem, the fairytale island of Senja. Home to the majestic northern lights & beautiful scenery. Senja is Norway's second largest island, far above the Arctic Circle close to Tromsø City and only 5 hours from Lofoten. Here you are greeted an awe-inspiring mix of sea, mountains, beaches, fishing villages and inland areas, all within a few hours drive. The coast of the island is precipitous with sculptural rocks and colourful fishing villages in sheltered coves. The inland is filled with mountains, lakes and forests, and the mainland-facing coast sports unexpectedly green fields. The scenery in Senja and Central Troms is full of contrasts, with the midnight sun and the northern lights, depending on the season. The distance from the coast to big mountain peaks is short and is an ideal combination for those who participate in winter activities. 

How to get here

You can fly to Tromsø (TOS) or Bardufoss Airport (BDU) We always suggest Bardufoss airport as this is the closer option. If you go to Bardufoss (BDU) you travel with Norwegian Airlines from Oslo (OSL)
From Bardufoss you take the shuttle bus to the bus terminal, where we pick you up (pickup included) There is one shuttle bus for every arrival and you simply buy your bus ticket on the bus. 1 hour 15 minute drive
Tromsø is also a great option. From Tromsø you can take the daily boat going from Tromsø to Finnsnes. We also do pickups at Tromsø airport. 2 hours and 30 minute drive (1500 nok per person)

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