At the Aurora Borealis Observatory we are specialized in the Northern Lights experience. Our location is one of the best locations in the world for Aurora observations.
The Aurora is something you experience and observe in the evening and night time. However, there is a lot to do on our wonderful island even when the Northern Lights do not dance over the sky. 

Most of the activities are offered through local providers that we cooperate with, while certain activities are organized by us. We recommend you book your activities after your arrival because of the varying weather conditions we experience throughout the year.


Senja Island round trip


Husky Tours

Husky home visit

Mountain Hikes

Skiing / Snowshoing

Fishing / Ice Fishing

City Life / Cultural / Coffe shops / Shopping Mall 

Alpine / Downhill

Reindeer feeding

Tromsø City Day Trip

Outdoor Jacuzzi with view to enjoy the aurora 


Transportation to the City of Finnsnes

Selfie Under the Aurora

Photography Workshop - Day Time

Photography Workshop - Night Time Aurora classes 

Post Processing Workshops

Photography workshop to locations in Senja Island (Day time) 

Photography workshops to locations in Senja Island (night time)


Plan a tour around Senja Island. This is a amazing experience both day and night. We offer this as a day time activity most days but if conditions are good we do it night time as well (different price night time)

Visit Senja Husky, only 10 minutes away from the resort. Experience dog sledding, hiking trips, and puppy visiting with 30+ siberian huskies. Fits families, couples and individual visitors

Go visit the huskies over at Senja husky and take part when the dogs run free. If you are lucky you might see when they are fed as well

Senja is a paradise for mountain hikers and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the fjords and coastal shores. There are many hiking options, both for experienced hikers and beginners

Step into the cross country slope directly outside your apartment. Skiing, toboggan runs and snowshoing have never been more accessible

Plan your fishing adventure while on location. We are close to some of the best fishing spots in Norway

Only 10 minutes away from the resort you find the city of Finnsnes. At noon we have transportation at fixed times

In close distance from the resort you can find two downhill slopes. This activity includes guide and all cost except food and drinks

Directly outside the apartments you will see our reindeers. Take part in the feeding process 

With a one hour boat trip (with the express boat) you can visit the city of Tromsø. Tromsø is Norther Norway´s largest city and is known for being the paradise city of the north. Explore the cultural happenings, museums, coffy shops etc.

1 minute away from the apartments you will find the area with outdoor jacuzzi for up to 22 people maximum - sitting in a jacuzzi enjoying the aurora is just magical 

Every day you have the chance of going to the city of Finnsnes. Make sure to tell our guides one day prior so we can arrange cars

Selfie under the aurora. Professional service by one of our amazing guides

Day workshop at the observatory: Learn basic / advanced photography

while on location you can learn basics and then step outside the door for practical shooting and help to make sure you get your own aurora shots in focus and correctly exposed 

Learn how to develop your photos in this post-processing workshop at the observatory. We use 75´´monitors for classes 

Together with our guides you go to prime locations during the best available light to make sure you get amazing shots for life

This is the ultimate aurora workshop going to prime locations around the island


1000 NOK pp

1600 NOK pp

590 NOK pp

1000 NOK pp


890 NOK pp


1000 NOK pp


Transportation to the express boat included


Transportation included (fixed time every day)

250 NOK pp or per group

1000 NOK pp

1000 NOK pp

1000 NOK pp

1500 NOK pp

2000 NOK pp