The aurora borealis observatory is located on Senja Island, Norway.

Transportation from airport (BDU) to hotel — Accommodation in single or double rooms (choose) — Breakfast, lunch, 3-course dinner, juice and coffee* — Pickup after dinner and brought to the Observatory — Sit inside our warm “glass panoramas” while waiting —
Tutorial: how to take good photos of the aurora borealis — Access to advanced telescope at the observatory — Borrow some of our many cameras and lenses if you need — Borrow warm coveralls if you want to stay outside — Skiing and snowshoeing in lovely scenery and trails — Reindeer Feeding up at the observatory or in close area — After skiing it is perfect to get warm again in our big Tipi — Access to our mountain area with nice hikes and viewpoints — *Guided tour around Senja by order of 4 days or more (1 day tour) — *if you order 4 days or more we include a guided tour around the amazing Island (Normal Price 1000NOK) — *alcoholic drinks, soda, snacks etc is not included — *food in addition to 3 included meals is not included

The price is 2600 NOK = approx 270 € (02.09.2017) per person per day

Yes – children age 0-5 yrs go for free and children age 6-14 go on reduced price as well if they stay in parents room with extra bed

We always suggest 3 days or more to have better chances to see the aurora

The aurora season starts last week of august and ends around mid april. All months can be very good but as it is weather dependent it is always hard to say

My favorite months are september / October and March / april

From your destination you go to Oslo (OSL) and then to Bardufoss Airport (BDU) or Tromsø Airport (TOS)

From Oslo it is 1 h 45 minutes to Bardufoss Airport. From Bardufoss to the hotel it is 40 minutes.

Correct, transportation from Bardufoss Airport is included. If you come to Tromsø there is an additional pickup fee of NOK 1000 per person (total)

Anders Hanssen, one of the owners of the Aurora Borealis Observatory film and edit all aurora footage

Yes – Go to our activities section to see the whole list. We suggest that you book activities on location as the weather changes a lot.

Yes, we do. Most guides are very good with the cameras and can help out if you have difficulties in the dark

We can unfortunately never give any guarantees but we always hope that all guests get to see this amazing phenomenon

Yes, you can stay inside our glass panoramic buildings as much as you want. With perfect view to all “aurora directions” you still get to watch the amazing phenomenon – if the weather and conditions are good for aurora observations

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