Aurora Borealis Tours – All Inclusive

Aurora Season

August 25 - April 10

2399 NOK (258 EUR) Per Person Per Day

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BDU / TOS  - Airports you can use (BDU include pickup)

The focus of this all-inclusive tour is simply to enjoy the northern lights in total silence

While waiting for the lights you relax in glass panoramic buildings tipi or the restaurant

When the aurora is visible go outside or sit inside and enjoy the lights with amazing views

We are close to rivers, lakes and amazing foregrounds to go create stunning photo memories

Travel light ? No problem - Pick a date, go to details in the booking area to see all that is included

Located in Senja Island, Norway - This is one of the best locations in the world for aurora observations


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Bookings made less than 30 days prior to travel date will be charged in full - Bookings with more than 30 days to start date is charged a deposit of 15 %

aurora observatory and hotel

Suggested Itinerary (3 days or more)



You arrive at Bardufoss (BDU) or Tromsø (TOS) airport



From Bardufoss to Finnsnes Hotel with bus or car (45 min). From Tromsø  Finnsnes with boat (1h 15m). 



Finnsnes Hotel has  single and double rooms. The hotel has wifi, sauna, small bar and a nice restaurant.



The price includes breakfast, lunch and a 3-course dinner every day



Join our local guides to amazing viewpoints around the island. Take part in activities as husky tours, visit the wildlife park or go look for moose and reindeer

Rent Camera Equipment


Want to travel light? Rent all necessary equipment from us. The only thing you need to purchase is memory cards. We also have these in stock

Aurora Hunting


After dinner we pick you up at the hotel and drive to our farm (starting point) – 10 minute drive. Here you can relax and watch the aurora at the farm or join our local guide for a hunt. At the relaxed area you can enjoy the tipi, the barn and two panoramic glass houses

The Observatory


Upon arrival at the farm you meet up with our local guides. Some days (weather depending) we stay at the farm the whole night and some days you join the guides for a hunt around Senja*. At the farm you will enjoy amazing views from our glass houses. You will also have the chance to join a class on photography and editing from Anders Hanssen (Canon Professional Photographer) * if you stay 3 days or more.



You can book classes at an additional cost in photography, videography and editing of photo and video to ensure getting the best possible photo. Most classes are held by Anders Hanssen (Canon Professional Photographer)



Transport to Bardufoss (BDU) or Tromsø (TOS) same as arrival. We also recommend taking hurtigruten from Finnsnes to Tromsø if possible (pending your flight departure)

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We are located On Senja Island – Norway

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