Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully trough Terms and conditions before ordering a tour. Also read all the info listed under the trip you are about to order.


After booking - send us an email with flight times so we can arrange transportation

For transport we use minivans and mini buss with 7-16 seats. Depending on number guests to various activities we sometime use normal cars. All the drivers have the necessary license for passenger travel.


Transfer Tromsø Airport
Transportation from/to Tromsø can be arranged for an additional fee of 1500 NOK per Person ( Include Arrival and Departure)

We either use boat (1 hour 15 minutes) or Car (2 hours 30 minutes)


The weather in the arctic can at times be hard to predict. Therefore we can not guarantee Northern Light. That being said the chances are high. All our guest that have stayed 4 days or more have seen the Northern Light.

If the weather do not collaborate our plan B with landscape is stunning.


It is important that you notify us if you have any of the medical conditions listed below or others we should to know of:

Contact your doctor to discuss if its responsible to go on these various tours with us.

Back problems


Use of wheelchair or other aids for movement

Machines of any kind. (Ex. breathing aid during night)

We have the right to refuse participants to join the tour if we feel the tour is to physically and/or to mentally demanding for them.

Contact your doctor to discuss if its responsible to go on these various tours with us.

We always try to find solutions instead of problems!


Lost or damaged equipment
Take precautions for rain, wind snow and slippery/ice covered ground. Equipment lost or damaged is not replaced or covered by Arctic Adventure Norway AS.


Travel insurance

We strongly recommend you have a very good travel insurance. Photo gear and arctic clothing equipment are expensive, therefore make sure your travel insurance cover them.


Aurora Tours: 15% of the total amount is payed as a deposit upon booking the trip. The remaining 85% is due a minimum of one month prior to arrival date.


Cancelation fee
1 month prior start date: Full refund

Less than 1 month prior start date the deposit is not-refundable

Less than 2 weeks prior start date - no refund


Cancellation must be done in writing to booking@visitsenja.live


PS: Bookings made less than 30 days prior to travel date will be charged 100% - bookings with more than 30 days to start date we charge 15 % deposit